Review: Thrall – Schisms

Artist: THRALL

Release: Schisms

Year: 2022

Beyond the pale grimness of Melbourne, Victoria lies the new album by the crushing Blackened Doom Metal group ‘THRALL’.

The album displays a whirlpool of filth, destruction, decomposition and chaos under the guise of Black, Doom and Post Metal.

Toms commanding and raspy choking vocals were highly impressive to me and above all that I could hear on this dissonant soundtrack to the apocalypse, I felt his vocals stood out as the guiding force on this stellar album!

Every track was absolutely punishing brilliant however I felt the tracks explained below highlighted the genius work THRALL have been able to put together on this fourth display of black metal vehemence and blasphemy.

“Hollow” was a straight up blast fest and although you can hear some huge ‘Mayhem’ influence; the calm sections of Bass, Drums and Guitars find their way in to create a creepy realm on the side of the madness that THRALL pulls, throughout the rest of this brutal spewfest Tom chants above and over.

“Nihil” brings us a classic guitar solo outta left-field that I didn’t expect and damn its hot – definitely reminiscent of some ‘shining’ (From Sweden)!

“Abyss” begins with a dissonant melodic grimness similar to something you’d hear from ‘Naglfar’ before Toms vomits forth his emotions and then the real chaos begins with all instruments of death, each time returning to the intro riff and finally the bass twang making its way to the forefront.

The blast beats met with the drum rolls on “Epoch” were outstanding and the groove of the guitar riff definitely spun me out as this album drove itself in another direction I didn’t expect and assisted in paying homage to the folk elements that Black Metal sometimes loses – Considering the Norwegians started this ravishing genre that stood against the grain of mainstream politics and agendas.

“Dust” closes out the album with a gradual build of tremolo picking, until a seismic onslaught of riffs pound you in the face before hitting a soft calm section of lead melodies and then again slicing you apart with Toms Cut-throat vocals over Satyricon-esque riffs. “Dust” a perfect seven-minute storm to complete the album!

For Fans of Mayhem, Chapel of Disease and Satyricon.

Mixed by Richard McMaster (Impure Sounds)

Mastered by Jack Control (Enormous Door)