Everyone is on the same level

I have been speaking with one of the most important musicians of our times about a tour today and wow has it been refreshing feeling and hearing the gratitude from him.

Its amazing how much passion you can feel from some people when all they want to do is play in Australia and New Zealand and give their fans what they want.

This certain multi instrumentalist has been releasing some of the most unique and avant-garde music known to man kind and to speaking with them on such a person to person level about a tour we are organising is such a blessing.

I don’t know if it’s the change from this crisis or they are genuinely just a cool person but I will say that there is always hope.

No matter how much negativity you go through in life, there is always something better.

Its just a ying yang scenario so!

A few weeks into ISO

So NEBULA got rescheduled to MARCH 2021 and Pieces of Molly from New Zealand are touring with them YAY, but how boring and inhumane is this isolation situation.

Well on one hand, its been amazing to step back into nature (Where you are allowed) but on the other hand, we cannot even hang out with friends and family.

I don’t want to get too political here with this (because I am a music promoter and not a philosopher) but how is it cool or trendy to stay home in quarantine and isolate yourself from the REAL world?

And to be honest, I could not care less about how fast my internet is? How is the internet so important? Isn’t living and breathing through nature why and how we exist?

Its great I have had the time to plan for the year ahead (When that year actually begins is beyond me and our inept government) but man, lets face it, we all wanna get back out there and see bands.

The only positive I see in all these lies being thrown around left, right and centre; is our hold up on the materialistic and carbon wasting world. The time to settle and spend time with your loved ones (Well only one at a time apparently). Basically, what I am trying to say is the ability for nature to reclaim what is hers after specifically some of Australias worst bushfires ever and the floods that came after, is a beautiful thing. But lets immerse ourselves and take what nature is giving us in a sustainable manner.

You’ll notice I have not said anything about that shitty beer virus throughout this blog entry and that’s because the more I don’t talk about, stay healthy, stop watching the news and stop arguing with your friends about it, mentally and physically, it will go away.

Anyway, we have had some conversations with Villagers of Ioannina City, Elephant Tree, Spaceslug and Bongzilla (again) about future tours; so get listening and get praying that these borders open soon!

Much love everyone and see you on the other side.


Week 3 of the change

So we are into week three now (in Australia anyway) since I have had to have a long hard think about all our shows booked for the next 6 months. Gladly, we are just about finished rescheduling most of our tours for the international bands but right now we cannot even really think about the local tours that have been out on hold simply because the amount of money that has been invested into the international bands who were set to come over in April, May, June, July and August. As you may know not only is there ginormous amounts of monetary funding in these tours but the time and logistics spent putting these together is huge – well it is my full time job (was).

So we have finally come to the realization that these tours wont be happening until at least August 2020, so from August onwards, YMB will be in full force with all our rescheduled tours out and about and around basically the whole country and New Zealand.

We would like to put a massive thank you out there to all our loyal punters that pre-bought tickets to our shows and an even bigger thank you to the punters who have not requested refunds (basically 99.9% of you). #keepyourticket or keeping your ticket assists us promoters, bands, ticketing agencies and venues more than ever and keeps the scene alive and lets face it, you’ve spent the $30 – $50 already, you just need to wait a bit longer.

So with these reschedules, some of our tours we had booked in for later 2020, will now be pushed to 2021, which makes 2021 even bigger than before! But rest assured, they will still be happening. This 6 month delay the government has imposed has brutally kicked the face of the whole music scene and it has quickly spread to all other industries.

We also just took on Management for Melbourne Landstrider (I love The Dark Crystal) riding Stoner Doom Metal lords DROID. Please head over to their socials (We’ll you are not gonna catch them live for a while) and check out these dudes. They just finished a successful Australian tour and man, the whole country loved them!

Now being a bit of a hippie for a second (I am a Vegan who connects closely with our mother Gaia – physically and spiritually), is this sacrifice we are going through at the moment a time to learn and change the way we do things, spend less money, move away from capitalism, not rely on “the System”, spend more time with eachother and focus on sustainability. Well thats the positive way I like to look at what we are going through. Thats something to think about anyway….

Rest assured this week and next you will see new dates for basically all our shows and we may even be announcing another tour!


Anthony / YOUR MATE

A Bad Beer!

So how did some bad beer get in the way of our music scene for the next six months? Well we all know how and why however its hurting everyone involved in the music industry across the world at the moment but its a hurdle the music scene always overcomes. Whether its liquor licences, venues shutting, government legislation to hinder outdoor events, venues not wanting particular styles of music or certain agendas getting in the way of music being an expression and artform owned by no one; we get through this and come out stronger than ever!

Not only have I had to put off the debut Australian tour for Hibiscus Biscuit (after successfully signing with Greek Label SOUND EFFECT RECORDS) but I have just announced the postponement of the debut tour for American Abrasive Punk band WHRS; which was due to commence early April 2020 alongside our good friends at Get on the Stage.

I don’t have any answers and I have no solutions, but Ill be damned if I am gonna let some wimpy virus get in the way of me going to watch a live show of a band, get a coffee from my local shop, grab a burger or even get a haircut!

This is not the end, if anything, it is the seed that will continue to grow and by Spring 2020 in Australia/New Zealand, the scene is going to be blooming and the quality of music we are going to see across the globe will have people lined up out the door to watch the riffs we have been praying for since “Into the Void” was released by Black Sabbath 40 odd years ago.

Stay safe, keep your immune system strong and spread love!

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