Your Mate Bookings booked a tour for Dozer in 2023. The whole tour was planned, booked and executed to perfec-tion. Zero complaints. The whole experience was pure joy from start to finish. Anthony is truly a great human being as well. So a huge “Thank you!” goes out to Anthony and Dave for making this tour so amazing!
Fredrik Nordin (DOZER)

A great experience, so many to thank for making our stay a positive one, Anthony Blayney at YOUR MATE Bookings went above and beyond to make sure everything went smoothly and we were well looked after.
Greg Chandler (ESOTERIC)

Anthony was invaluable throughout the entirety of the Australian touring process, from prep work such as visas, gear hires, flights, Day to day show logistics, ubers, taxis, transfers, accomodation and hospitality.
Anthony took care of us throughout our quick 4 day run down under. He is honest, reliable, and a prompt communicator with a sharp memory. Would work with YMB again in a heartbeat!
Gabriel Franco (UNTO OTHERS)

When in early 2019 I was on a search for an appropriate agency to book a Jo44 tour in Australia and finding very little interest - it was discouraging to say the least, and worked in contradiction to the many requests we were receiving almost daily to play there (I say that with modesty, just trying to illustrate the situation).
When Your Mate Bookings agreed to work with us, it was a relief for sure - though, being that we’d not worked with them previously, we were somewhat cautious about our approach and did our best to establish mutual expectations early on. Communication and transparency are both key when organizing tours, even more so when working with someone for the first time.
To our great fortune, it was a joy to work with both Anthony and Zal.

It can be a daunting task to satisfy multiple personalities - setting up anything for a band is complicated, doing so from afar expands that difficulty exponentially. Your Mate did a terrific job answering all of our preliminary questions promptly, with clarity and honest accuracy. Still, however, we were ever curious how the tour would go once we were on the ground in Australia.

I’m happy to say, it was a really, really great trip. The Your Mate team met us at the airport and was with us every step of the way, making sure we were comfortable and taken care of with transportation, gear hire, accommodations, and great energy. It was evident that they’d done all they could to make sure everything was organized as lean and economically as possible while not compromising any of the integral elements of the tour.
The result was a truly positive experience for everyone that concluded with total appeasement, accounting well into the black, and, most importantly, an overall feeling of absolute satisfaction. 
Jeff Mueller (June of 44)

Anthony and Your Mate Bookings stepped in and resurrected our tour to Australia and New Zealand after another agency shafted us. It was the best result that we ever had.
The tour was fantastic and done on a very professional level, also Anthony and his partner Dave are two of the best blokes you could ever wish to meet. Touring with them was a pleasure and I would strongly recommend them to any other bands.
Jeff (Cockney Rejects)

They were super smooth (Xibalba Australian Tour 2022) and transparent in all their communication, the tour was smooth and I will 100% be using Anthony's services for my future clients Australian Tours.
Joshua White (State of Mind Touring - Xibalba, No Zodiac & Karma)

For the last 5 or more years Anthony Blayney and Your Mate Bookings has been booking shows at my venue The Bendigo Hotel. 
My dealings with Anthony have always been professional and I find him to be an honest and hard-working promoter who bends over backward to make sure the bands he is touring are looked after. 
I would highly recommend Anthony to anyone looking to tour here from overseas as you would be in good hands with someone you can trust.
Guy Palermo (Owner of Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood)
Massic had the pleasure of being apart of a recent tour through Your Mate Bookings. 
Anthony was an absolute gem to deal with, he gave us clear communication and true professionalism from beginning to end. 
It was an absolute pleasure to be apart of the tour and we know in our hearts that this is only the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship between Massic and Your Mate Bookings. Thanks Legends!
Simon Russell White (Massic and Schema Collective)

Anthony and Your Mate Bookings has been with King Parrot since the beginning, booking our first ever Sydney shows back in 2011 and always making the experience a pleasure. Over the years since, he has assisted in many ways on our touring journeys, from merchandising and logistics organisation to transport and promotion. He is the most passionate promoter of underground music in Australia and he is committed to bringing the best bands to our shores
Matt Young (King Parrot and Deadset Records)

Anthony and Your Mate Bookings have been an absolute pleasure to deal with. Never met anyone who is so onto it with details and coordination. Whenever I asked for something it had already been done. He made everything so easy for us so we could just focus on our jobs. He was the last to go to sleep and the first person awake working again. on-top of all of this he is the most friendly and funniest person. Always has our best Interests at heart. Going to be a long friendship and work relationship ahead and can’t wait to do more with Anthony and YMB
Chris Calavrias (Stalker)

Your Mate Bookings was so awesome to work with on Yawning Man's debut tour of New Zealand and Australia in 2020, advance planning for a tour like this is very complex logistically and all this was handled beautifully. Our shows were well promoted and well produced. Anthony at Your Mate Bookings took close care of the band on a demanding schedule and his hard work and attention to details from door to merch to backline was impeccable. We look forward to our next tour with him.
The Godfather himself - Mario Lalli (Yawning Man / Fatso Jetson) 

Awesome promoter, great person, made sure everything went smooth and according to plan and we had tons of fun with him on the Naxatras tour!
John Vagenas (Naxatras)

In my almost 30 years in the music industry Your Mate Bookings are the easiest agency I’ve ever had to deal with. Great communication, professional at all times and strive to continually support the local scene.
Mark Page (Local legend from Adelaide, SA)

Killer guys! Took great care of Crowbar on our first trip to Australia!!!
Shane Wesley (Crowbar)

I have never met anyone who works as hard as Anthony at Your Mate Booking to plan and deliver a perfect tour! He booked two tours for Greenleaf and all I can say is that everything was spot on!  Now he is booking a tour for Dozer and I know for sure that I don’t have to worry about anything because it will be perfectly organized and we will have a great tour!
Tommi Holappa (Dozer/Greenleaf)

Touring Australia and New Zealand through YMB was a smooth and organized experience. Thanks Anthony!
Bill Stinson (Yawning Man/Ten East/Big Scenic Nowhere)