A Bad Beer!

So how did some bad beer get in the way of our music scene for the next six months? Well we all know how and why however its hurting everyone involved in the music industry across the world at the moment but its a hurdle the music scene always overcomes. Whether its liquor licences, venues shutting, government legislation to hinder outdoor events, venues not wanting particular styles of music or certain agendas getting in the way of music being an expression and artform owned by no one; we get through this and come out stronger than ever!

Not only have I had to put off the debut Australian tour for Hibiscus Biscuit (after successfully signing with Greek Label SOUND EFFECT RECORDS) but I have just announced the postponement of the debut tour for American Abrasive Punk band WHRS; which was due to commence early April 2020 alongside our good friends at Get on the Stage.

I don’t have any answers and I have no solutions, but Ill be damned if I am gonna let some wimpy virus get in the way of me going to watch a live show of a band, get a coffee from my local shop, grab a burger or even get a haircut!

This is not the end, if anything, it is the seed that will continue to grow and by Spring 2020 in Australia/New Zealand, the scene is going to be blooming and the quality of music we are going to see across the globe will have people lined up out the door to watch the riffs we have been praying for since “Into the Void” was released by Black Sabbath 40 odd years ago.

Stay safe, keep your immune system strong and spread love!