Week 3 of the change

So we are into week three now (in Australia anyway) since I have had to have a long hard think about all our shows booked for the next 6 months. Gladly, we are just about finished rescheduling most of our tours for the international bands but right now we cannot even really think about the local tours that have been out on hold simply because the amount of money that has been invested into the international bands who were set to come over in April, May, June, July and August. As you may know not only is there ginormous amounts of monetary funding in these tours but the time and logistics spent putting these together is huge – well it is my full time job (was).

So we have finally come to the realization that these tours wont be happening until at least August 2020, so from August onwards, YMB will be in full force with all our rescheduled tours out and about and around basically the whole country and New Zealand.

We would like to put a massive thank you out there to all our loyal punters that pre-bought tickets to our shows and an even bigger thank you to the punters who have not requested refunds (basically 99.9% of you). #keepyourticket or keeping your ticket assists us promoters, bands, ticketing agencies and venues more than ever and keeps the scene alive and lets face it, you’ve spent the $30 – $50 already, you just need to wait a bit longer.

So with these reschedules, some of our tours we had booked in for later 2020, will now be pushed to 2021, which makes 2021 even bigger than before! But rest assured, they will still be happening. This 6 month delay the government has imposed has brutally kicked the face of the whole music scene and it has quickly spread to all other industries.

We also just took on Management for Melbourne Landstrider (I love The Dark Crystal) riding Stoner Doom Metal lords DROID. Please head over to their socials (We’ll you are not gonna catch them live for a while) and check out these dudes. They just finished a successful Australian tour and man, the whole country loved them!

Now being a bit of a hippie for a second (I am a Vegan who connects closely with our mother Gaia – physically and spiritually), is this sacrifice we are going through at the moment a time to learn and change the way we do things, spend less money, move away from capitalism, not rely on “the System”, spend more time with eachother and focus on sustainability. Well thats the positive way I like to look at what we are going through. Thats something to think about anyway….

Rest assured this week and next you will see new dates for basically all our shows and we may even be announcing another tour!


Anthony / YOUR MATE