Review: Bleed This Earth – The Slow Decline

Band: Bleed This Earth
Album: The Slow Decline
Year: 2022
Its’ not every day you hear of a Funeral Doom Metal band from Aotearoa (New Zealand) however the trio of Megalithic proportions “Bleed This Earth” have truly captured the true essence of the genre.
Four Tracks weighing in at 42 minutes long tumbles and buries any life left in this dark expression of loneliness.
The title track “The Slow Decline” ticks the boxes of a scene that is set in barren, stripped back Post-Apocalyptic battle, where man struggles for life on a plain of decomposed land.
Burnt trees and Black mud fills the ears of the listener on the eleven-minute epic “When” un-strangely reminiscent of early ‘My Dying Bride’, as the vultures trot slowly through the field of dead, looking for the last piece of flesh left on the recently risen worms from the depths.
The slowly paced double kick drum moments, complimented by drum rolls and long drawn power chords from the guitars, keeps the ears alert whilst the vocals narrate a blunt command without exhaustion.
Probably one of the best extreme releases come out of NZ for quite a while.
For fans of Samothrace, Pallbearer & My Dying Bride
Review by Anthony (YOUR MATE REVIEWS)