Review: Frozen Planet 1969 – Not From 1969

Artist: Frozen Planet 1969

Album: Not from 1969

Year: 2022

In Late 2012, the trio got together for a jam in Sydney not knowing an unstoppable force of Psychedelic worship would amount to 10 albums worth of tripped-out, spaced-life and meta-physical journeys under the guise of Frozen Planet 1969. 

In 2022, Frank, Paul and Lachlan bring you “Not from 1969”, just to make it clear to the listener that Psych Rock in this day and age is thriving – better than it ever has in the last fifty years! 

With three songs coming in at 45 minutes long, FP1969 venture into unknown passage ways of music and global cultural influences on this monolithic masterpiece, jammed and recorded in the blistering hot studio based in far Western Sydney, Frank Street Studio (AKA Pepper Shaker Records Headquarters’).

Diamond Dust begins with a cross-over of Spanish Flamenco and Eastern European guitar wizardry before the rhythm section takes grounding to the wild space journey that Paul does not give up on, as he rides the wave of stars in the sky whilst stomping on the pedal board to send the guitar into unearthly directions

Strangelands is a fuzzy jam of jovial proportions and experimental value.

This track particularly shines bright on the technical side of Franks progressive percussive nature and his work with Lachlan on this seven stretch, is completed by a funky riff that an oldie would call “A pretty cool Bass Noodle” yet its as if Lachlan makes his four string finger puppet talk (In what language, I don’t know).

Dissolver is twenty-seven minutes long, so roll one, light it up and get the munchies ready.

I gotta say this track had some beautiful organic production.

The way all instruments are exposed so tastefully with clarity and rawness is something a lot of local rockers in general could use some help with.

That element of live sound and capturing that raw essence of Rock n Roll is seriously such an important thing that can make or break a band (In my Opinion).

Lachlans psychotic noodling at the sixteen minute mark is fierce as is Franks thumping tantrum on his kit; and as they keep up this chaos like ants bursting out of their nests, there is a calm order that arrives at the end as Lachlan bends his notes and the delays of Pauls Guitar give in to the closure of an insane bloody album!

For Fans of Comacozer, Electric Octopus & Electric Moon

Out now via Pepper Shaker Records