UNHOLY MASS 2023 Feat Denouncement Pyre, Lumen Ad Mortem (Skitz) & more

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Fear not death, for the hour of your doom is set, and no one can escape it.The UNHOLY MASS has arrived at Bendigo Hotel in Collingwood on Friday April 7th (Good Friday 2023).

The Bendi has prepared a feast of tunes from local vengeful warriors and from the beyond to take part in the UNHOLY MASS of 2023.

Black, Death, Doom, Sludge and Triumphant hymns will be sung loud and clear over the masses on this fine day.

Featuring the extremities of:

D´╗┐enouncement Pyre


Lumen Ad Mortem (SA)

Goat Shaman

Bastardizer (NSW)

Nocturnal Ingestions will provide an abundance of meals for all who partake and the mead will pour from The Bendi like rain from our father.

Food (Carnivore and Vegan Burgers/Hot Dogs Available)

Booze (Specials to come)

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