DRILL PAIN featuring Nembutolik, Voidfall, Laceration Mantra, Algor Mortis & Crypt Crawler at THE BENDI

TIX HERE: https://drillpain.eventbrite.com.au


Frankstons Death Metal/Hardcore psychos Nembutolik head back to Bendigo Hotel in Collingwood to bring the drill pain for the first time in 2023 on Sunday April 16th 2023 as part of their mini east coast tour of Australia.

They are joined by Voidfall, Laceration Mantra (QLD – First time in Victoria since 2019), Crypt Crawler (WA) and Algor Mortis.

NEMBUTOLIK – Filthy Death Metal/Hardcore

VOIDFALL – Old School Death/Doom Metal

LACERATION MANTRA – Old School Brutal Death Metal from QLD (Members of Misery)

CRYPT CRAWLER – Old School Grooving Death Metal from WA

ALGOR MORTIS – Violent Death Metal/Hardcore

TIX HERE: https://drillpain.eventbrite.com.au