Review: Tropical Sludge – Isolation Jams EP

Band: Tropical Sludge

Release: Isolation Jams

Year: 2022

Light one up and press play.

Rick Burke (Comacozer/Rusty Souls) has just released his first EP under the name of “Tropical Sludge”.

Being a fan of Comacozer and loving the perpetual progression of their sound over the years, its great to hear Rick’s guitar abilities in an isolated environment for the first time.

The dreamy melodies and guitar licks covered by the dust of an analogue vinyl gives us listeners the production edge that most of the Psych community would approve of, in an ever-blooming worship for LPs and record players.

The sporadic samples of Australian Wildlife emphasizes the earthy elements of the songs and gives us hope and respect toward a true appreciation of nature – you know the very thing we’ve neglected for so long since living in this consumer based society.

If I was a shaman of a Spiritual retreat or even a Yoga Teacher, I would definitely be adding this whole album to my playlist. The vibe the whole EP possesses conjures a divine experience of oneness and wholeness with the universe as it takes the mind and soul to interdimensional realms.

Time does not exist when the sounds of “isolation Jams” are played, it enables the mind to switch off from any stress that entraps us inside this illusion some call the matrix of life.

I am very keen to see the live performance of Tropical Sludge and can only imagine what an mind bending scenario could be created with the right lighting and objects/consumables of acceleration.

Sick one Rick!

For fans of Lamp of the Universe, Electric Octopus and The Re-stoned