Band: Church Of The Cosmic Skull

Album: There Is No Time

Year: 2022

When I first saw the news break from The Cults’ Camp about a new single being released, I thought, has it really been that long since their third album “Everybodys Going To Die” quickly realising that release was late 2019 and God Damn am I amongst many other ready for more.

So with everything going on (Over the past 24 months) it is no secret that Art and Music got most of us through one of the most intense changes to our life we could have ever imagined, creating catalysts for change and appreciation for Love, Hope and Nature.

The Brothers and Sisters of the Church have once again blown my mind with a new magnificent collection of compositions that tell a story of spreading Love over Fear, Freedom over Tyranny and Peace over Aggression.

Our first access to the album is the entrancing weapon of choice the band has entitled “One More Step” which clearly has an enhanced Mind Control Technique of repetition (without the use of MK Ultra).

It’s deep, it’s Occultic, it’s rhetorical and it’s definitely got a different vibe from the previous initial singles released to help promote the albums.

“Valleys and Hills Part One – Peel Away the Layers” stood out as one of their most adventurous tracks. With a retro rumbling bass rhythm in-sync with the drums keeping the direction steady as the duel “Flangering” guitars create layers of vibrations before the repetitive lyrics of “Peel away the layers, like the layers of the Onion”. It’s a stern reminder that this seven-piece beauty is not afraid to take on the twists and turns Rock n Roll begs for in a time where we have people literally worshipping the likes of Foo Fighters or whatever other “Safe Rock” is making it to the ears of a culture that has been slowly degrading for quite a while.

“Valleys and Hills Part Two – Pure Illumination” had a late 70’s Sabbath song writing style taking me back to Albums like “Technical Ecstasy” and “Never Say Die”, which are both under-rated Sabbath albums that are constantly overlooked while people debate about Ozzy VS Dio in Sabbath (Just don’t go there hey!). I wish I had access to the lyrics for all songs but the one line that resonates with me and anyone else who is never settled with whatever Truth we are ‘Fed’ is ‘The truth so bright it’s going to blow your mind’.

The keys and vocal harmonies on “Now’s the Time” is something you want to show your parents in an attempt to re-educate their Mind and Soul (with new music) while they play you an Elton John song for the Three Hundred and Thirty Third Time.

The track reminds me of the works husband and wife duo “Dream Machine” who have a strong focus on Classical Style Piano (Blended with tripped out 70’s Acid Psych Rock) painting us an illusion that the band has somewhat matured before pulling out an ancient Irish-like Folk Melody, meanwhile preaching “No Time like Tonight”.

Don’t kill me but it even had a Bee Gee moment there.

Thank you Brothers and Sisters. May your year ahead be full of success and love while you spread the word of ‘The Church’ on stages across the globe.

Stand Out Track: We Lost It Somewhere

For Fans of Electric Light Orchestra, The Eagles, Queen and Black Sabbath