Synthwave Phenomenon DANIEL DELUXE (DK) Debut Australian Tour April 2024

Synthwave phenomenon Daniel Deluxe (DK) will make his debut in Australia in 2024!

DD will bring his sonic soundscapes to the cities of Perth, Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne in April 2024 for the first time ever.

Emerging from the streets of Copenhagen, Daniel Deluxe has risen as a beacon in the expansive domain of electronic music.

His signature sound—a compelling marriage of bass-heavy synthwave and nuanced industrial elements—is unmistakable and unforgettable.

Each composition is meticulously crafted, bearing the weight of Deluxe’s artistic integrity. This dedication to the craft is evident in his standout contributions, with the critically acclaimed “Ghostrunner” soundtrack serving as a prime testament. This project not only showcased his versatility but also solidified his status among the elite within the industry, as the tracks resonated with fans and newcomers alike, creating a soundscape that perfectly complemented the game’s dystopian atmosphere.

On the global stage, Deluxe’s performances are nothing short of electric. Whether it’s the pulsating clubs of Europe or the expansive venues in the US, his presence is both magnetic and immersive. It’s not just about the auditory experience; it’s a communion of shared energy and passion with his audience.

With eyes set on Australia, anticipation builds for what promises to be another landmark in his touring journey. Yet, beyond the lights and accolades, at the core of Daniel Deluxe is an artist with an insatiable passion for sound, always pushing the envelope, always seeking the next sonic horizon.

20/4/2024 Amplifier Bar, Perth

24/4/2024 Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

25/4/2024 The Basement, Canberra

26/4/2024 The Zoo, Brisbane

27/4/2024 Howler, Melbourne

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