Get in the Van with Burden Man EP Launch “Grievance”

YOUR MATE Bookings in conjunction with The Vanguard presents the EP launch of “GRIEVANCE” by BURDEN MAN.

As a part of the revival of the live music scene in Sydney, we welcome BURDEN MAN back to the stage and into The Vanguard for two sets of sombre tones and punishing angst from within on Saturday March 20th.

Sydney’s most morose Dark Metal trio are the comforting hand you hold as you journey into the blue scapes of your own mind. Blending the most heart wrenching elements of dark folk, blues, doom and black metal to coincide with the emptiness of your daydreams and nightmares of mourning that seem to repeat over and over again, Burden Man will meet you there and pull you forward.

Now with three releases under their belt; ‘Shadows of the Dying’ (2017) – the harrowing dark folk, solo E.P, ‘Burden Man’ (2019) – a doom laden, first exploration into life as a three piece and most recently, ‘Grievance’ (2021 via Brilliant Emperor Records) – branching out into a despairing world of anger and sorrow mixing black metal into their foundations, Burden Man invites you to an evening with them. Not to wallow, not to pass the limited time on this earth in a constant state of woe, but to dip into these emotions and indulge only slightly. This so you can exist in these times feeling a little bit lighter and less alone than you might have felt before.

Supported by Ploughshare & Horrisonous

Session One: Horrisonous
Session Two: Ploughshare