F#*K THIS, Im goin to the Bendi feat Destruktor, Carcinoid, Requiem & Nephalem!

“F#*k this, I’m going to THE BENDI”
As part of the revival of live local music scene in Melbourne, Your Mate Bookings is committed to once again give you the best entertainment in the world surrounding everything heavy.
We return to our beloved Bendigo Hotel in Collingwood to support the re-emergence of live music for the monthly gathering of “F#*k this, I’m going to THE BENDI”For the month of December, on Saturday the 11th we have a feast of heavy slayers of distortion including Destruktor, Carcinoid, Requiem and Nephalem stirring the pot of fury.Expect Death, Thrash, Doom, Crust and Black Metal debauchery all in one evening in order to kick start the Melbourne HEAVY Music scene and give the masses what they have missed for nearly six months.

Christcrushing metal of death from Australia.

Death/Doom from Melbourne

Bow down to the Riff. Australian blackened thrash/death metal. New release out now.

Melbourne based heavy band. DIY sounds, delivered with a cheeky demeanour.