BE NICE TO YOUR MATE FESTIVAL featuring The Black Heart Death Cult and Comacozer

The ever-growing collaboration of Be Nice Bookings and Your Mate Bookings bring you the first psychedelic experience of many “BE NICE TO YOUR MATE FESTIVAL” on Saturday March 6th at 24 Moons, Northcote!

The imagination has been running wild since March 2020, but the hibernation was necessary to bring to life one of the greatest mini fests in Australian Psych Rocks’ history “BE NICE TO YOUR MATE”.

Rugs, Cold and warm tea station, Be Nice and Your Mate Cocktails, Craft Beer, Film Projection, Light dancers, Market Stalls, Vinyl DJs and last but not least BANDS are the focus of the upcoming festival and an emphasis on peace and love.

Headlined by Psychedelic Shoe-Gaze Rockers “The Black Heart Death Cult” and Sydneys Psychedelic Space Rock warriors “Comacozer”, the support line up has been packed with a plethora of Psych flavours including Grey Mantis, Fuzz Meadows, Brown Spirits, Split the Sun, Light Pillars & Psychedelic Pathways Vinyl DJs.