Dark Wave Artist DANIEL DELUXE (DK) Exclusive Australian Event April 2024!


Due to scheduling issues beyond our control, the Daniel Deluxe Australian shows have been cut short to just one exclusive Melbourne Only event featuring support from The Night Terrors & Zerotonine (Laser Highway) at the one and only Howler Melbourne

TICKETS HERE: https://www.moshtix.com.au/v2/event/daniel-deluxe-dk-australian-tour/158727

Message to ticket holders in other cities: Your tickets will be refunded automatically by the ticket provider you purchased from. If you have any issues contact Oztix/Moshtix and they will assist.



Midnight & Stalker – Speed Metal hit the road this week!

Tickets are running short, Flippin The Bird has sold out, but there are still a few left through the website and on the door for most shows (Not Franga)

💀 Brisbane – 50 Tix

💀 Sydney – 50 Tix

💀 Melbourne – 100 Tix

💀 Frankston – SOLD OUT

💀 Canberra – 100 Tix


Alain Johannes (CHL/USA) Debut Australian Tour June 2024

Chilean-American multi-instrumentalist Alain Johannes will bring the magick of his music to Australia in June 2024.

Alain Johannes is a master behind the scenes, who wrote and had a hand in some of the worlds biggest artists current and past including QOTSA, Chris Cornell, Eleven, PJ Harvey, Them Crooked Vultures, No Doubt, Arctic Monkeys and more.

12/6 Stranded Bar, Brisbane

13/6 Pleasure Club, Sydney

15/6 Baroque Room, Katoomba

16/6 The Baso, Canberra

19/6 Altar, Hobart

20/6 The Cranker, Adelaide

21/6 Medusa Bar, Geelong

22/6 Northcote Social Club, Melbourne

🎟 TICKETS FROM: https://linktr.ee/yourmatebookings

Artwork by the very talented God-Awful

Riot City (CA) arrive in Australia this week!

RIOT CITY, the Canadian Speed Metal Ball of Fury arrive on Australian soil this week and the boys will tear through the cities of Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne from February 14th to February 18th.

From the horses mouth (The Promoter) “I have seen these guys and they will be one of the biggest bands in the world one day, they play and perform at the same level as Iron Maiden, so turn up and prove me wrong”






TICKETS FROM https://linktr.ee/yourmatebookings

Jazz Sabbath (UK) make their Australian Debut this July 2024!

For the first time in Australia; Jazz Sabbath.

Jazz Sabbath is a jazz trio from the UK that plays (instrumental) jazz interpretations of Black Sabbath songs. Helmed by pianist Adam Wakeman (Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne’s solo band since 2004), Jazz Sabbath has been exploring the boundaries between jazz and the songs that defined heavy metal with sold out shows throughout Europe. Echoing already present jazz riffs and discovering new ones.

Presenting themselves as a jazz trio formed in 1968 and being the original writers of the tracks, later made famous by Black Sabbath, they released their self-titled debut album in 2020. In April 2022 they released Vol.2, which entered the Billboard jazz album chart at #6. Their albums’ streaming count is in the millions and both albums got special Record Store Day Mono editions, which sold out within days.

On the albums Adam is joined by Ash Soan on drums and Jerry Meehan on bass, plus a list of guest musicians, such as Simon McBride (Deep Purple) and Gus G (Firewind, Ozzy Osbourne). However, all go by their 1960s pseudonyms.

Dates and Cities:

24/7 Old Museum, Brisbane

25/7 Pleasure Club, Sydney (Newtown) – Register Here

26/7 Pleasure Club, Sydney (Newtown) – Register Here

27/7 Brunswick Ballroom, Melbourne

Tickets available from www.yourmatebookings.com



I really love this – Ozzy Osbourne
Amazing interpretations – Tony Iommi

Press quotes Rock/Mainstream media

+It is fantastic – BBC radio
+ Some of the finest Sabbath covers ever – Decibel Magazine
+ Never has heavy metal been so groovy – MetalTalk
+ Spectacular renditions – Metal Injection
+ So chill and enjoyable – Loudwire
+ Fiendishly clever – Metal Rules

Press quotes Jazz media

+ An original concept and great musicianship – Jazz Journal
+ The music delivers – NYC Jazz Record
+ A roaring success – Jazzwise Magazine
+ The music is much bigger than the imagined legend – Jazz ‘n More
+ Stunning – Jazz & Mo




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Greek black metal pioneers ROTTING CHRIST will embark on a journey to Australia & NZ for the first time in over a decade supported by and introducing US death groove giants JUNGLE ROT!

The group will be celebrating their 35 years of existence.
The band will perform songs from their entire catalogue since 1988 in the cities of; Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne (Melbourne Dethfest 2024), Hobart, Adelaide and Auckland.

Rotting Christ has stood on the forefront of European black metal torch bearers since 1987 releasing some of the most important albums in heavy metal history including Non Serviam, Thy Mighty Contract, Rituals, The Heretics, Sanctus Diavolos (of their 13 studio albums) via labels Osmose, Century Media and Season of Mist

After 10 years of allowing the seas to settle in Australia, the Greek megaliths will once again bring their brand of black metal to Australia in May 2024:

27.4.2024 Galatos, Auckland+

28.4.2024 Valhalla, Wellington+

1.5.2024 The Zoo, Brisbane

2.5.2024 Marrickville Bowlo, Sydney

3.5.2024 The Basement, Canberra

4.5.2024 Melbourne Dethfest 2024 at Stay Gold, Melbourne

5.5.2024 Stay Gold, Melbourne

7.5.2024 Altar, Hobart*

8.5.2024 Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide*

10.5.2024 The Mothership, Auckland*

Tickets available from www.yourmatebookings.com and the venues

*Jungle Rot (USA) not Appearing

Proudly presented by Foundry Touring and Your Mate Bookings

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Melbourne Dethfest 2024 Announced featuring Rotting Christ (GR) and Jungle Rot (USA)

Melbourne Dethfest is back for the third time, and in May 2024 the strongest line up we have seen will hit Melbournes ‘Stay Gold’ for all day Dethfest of monumental standards.

Rotting Christ (Greece) will headline MDF 2024 as they soar across the globe celebrating their 35th anniversary and Jungle Rot (USA) will finally make it over for the first time in Australian history. With an undercard of domestic talent so strong, prepare your ears for the following acts KING (VIC), Freedom of Fear (SA), Mammons Throne (VIC), Anoxia (From NSW and first time in Melbourne), Munitions (VIC) and Idolatry (VIC).

Art by Matt Skitz Sanders (Blast Abyss)

Tickets limited and available HERE

PRESENTED BY Melbourne Dethfest, Your Mate Bookings and Foundry Touring

Rotting Christ (Greece) – The Pioneering kings of Greek Black/Extreme Metal

Jungle Rot (USA) – US Death Groove giants from the 90s

KING (VIC) – Melodic Black Metal

Freedom of Fear (SA) – Tech/Death Metal

Mammons Throne (VIC) – Heavy Doom/Extreme Metal

Anoxia (NSW) – OSDM

Munitions (VIC) – Melodic Black/Death Metal

Idolatry (VIC) – A violent strain of brutal death thrash

Cirith Ungol (USA) and Night Demon (USA) play Australia in 2024

For the first time in history world renowned Heavy Metal Legends CIRITH UNGOL will make their debut in Australia for the first and last time in May/June 2024!

Supported by and introducing US heavy metal trio NIGHT DEMON, the pair will hit Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne for one of the most paramount moments in Australian heavy metal history.

Ventura Californias ‘Cirith Ungol’ formed in the 70’s, forging their own brand of hard/progressive rock, only one year after Black Sabbath’s debut birthed the genre.

Considered an early player in both doom and power metal, the band’s obsession with Tolkienic sword-and-sorcery blazed a trail for much of metal as it’s known today. 

After a 25 year hiatus, the band reformed in 2016, taking heavy metal by the throat re-releasing past albums and a new album in 2020 which would gain world-wide attention and respect, instantly signing to Metal Blade Records.

2023 saw the band release their final album Dark parade with a solid line up of players featuring the one and only Tim Baker (Vocals) along with some original and new members of the band including Jim Barraza (Guitars), Robert Garven (Drums), Greg Lindstrom (Guitars) and Jarvis Leatherby (Bass).


29.05.2024 The Zoo, Brisbane

30.05.2024 The Basement, Canberra

31.05.2024 Marrickville Bowlo, Sydney

1.06.2024 The Corner, Melbourne

Tickets available from www.yourmatebookings.com

Proudly presented by Your Mate Bookings, Metal Evilution and Utopia Records


Few bands in the history of the heavy metal underground have a story as

remarkable, improbable, or uplifting as that of Cirith Ungol. It is a tale of pioneering

innovation, crushing disappointment, self-imposed exile, populist fervor, and,

ultimately, global redemption.

The band was formed in Ventura, California, in the early 1970s, long before the rigid

tropes and ironclad traditions that define today’s heavy metal genre had taken

shape. There was no rulebook, no template to follow, so Cirith Ungol simply made it

up as they went along, allowing their imaginations to run amok and their creativity

to be their guide. Musically, Cirith Ungol emerged from the 1970’s hard rock /

progressive rock tradition epitomized by the likes of Grand Funk Railroad, Blue

Oyster Cult and Sir Lord Baltimore.

Rather than passively channeling their

influences, the band was driven to forge an altogether heavier, darker, more

apocalyptic sound. According to drummer Robert Garven, even in those early days,

before heavy metal as we know it existed, the band’s burning ambition was to play

“the heaviest metal known to man.” Cirith Ungol’s lyrical approach was profoundly

influenced by the high fantasy literature of J.R.R. Tolkien (from whose Lord of the

Rings opus they derived their name) and Michael Moorcock, fittingly enough

because co-founding members Garven and guitarist Greg Lindstrom first met in a

seventh-grade English literature class.

For years, the fledgling Cirith Ungol (which also included co-founder Jerry Fogle on

guitar and, from 1976 onward, Tim Baker on vocals) practiced in a bedroom at

Garven’s parents’ house. There they honed their musical vision into something

utterly unique and prescient. Baker’s anguished howls from the fiery pits of Hades,

Fogle’s inventive and otherworldly lead guitar work, and Garven’s unorthodox

drumming coalesced into a sound the world had never experienced before. It was

obscure and arcane, mysterious and eccentric, epic and expansive, but most of all

unfailingly, bone-crushingly heavy, dark and doom-filled.


For more than a decade, Night Demon have defiantly flown the flag of traditional heavy metal, unwavering in the face of shifting industry trends and unscarred by global calamities.

The band erupted onto the underground heavy metal scene with a self-titled four-song EP in 2012.  Showcasing a sound forged in a deep-seated passion for the New Wave of British Heavy Metal melded to distinctly American muscle and swagger, and embracing a rigorous touring schedule, Night Demon quickly gained momentum in the USA and Europe.  In January 2015, the band released their first full-length album, Curse of the Damned, which refined the band’s trademark sound and garnered widespread acclaim by fans and critics alike.  To promote the record, Night Demon hit the killing road for the better part of two years, crisscrossing the United States multiple times, touring the European market relentlessly, and even veering off the beaten path with extensive dates in Mexico, South America and Latin America.

These festival slots included Rockhard Sweden, Mexico Metal Fest, Hells Heroes, Keep It True, Up The Hammers, Burning Festival, Rock of Ages and a dozen more!

Now after the one EP and three full length albums, and dozens of massive support slots and festivals across the globe, the band is ready to take on Australia for the first time ever as they share their brand of traditional heavy metal.

Synthwave Phenomenon DANIEL DELUXE (DK) Debut Australian Tour April 2024

Synthwave phenomenon Daniel Deluxe (DK) will make his debut in Australia in 2024!

DD will bring his sonic soundscapes to the cities of Perth, Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne in April 2024 for the first time ever.

Emerging from the streets of Copenhagen, Daniel Deluxe has risen as a beacon in the expansive domain of electronic music.

His signature sound—a compelling marriage of bass-heavy synthwave and nuanced industrial elements—is unmistakable and unforgettable.

Each composition is meticulously crafted, bearing the weight of Deluxe’s artistic integrity. This dedication to the craft is evident in his standout contributions, with the critically acclaimed “Ghostrunner” soundtrack serving as a prime testament. This project not only showcased his versatility but also solidified his status among the elite within the industry, as the tracks resonated with fans and newcomers alike, creating a soundscape that perfectly complemented the game’s dystopian atmosphere.

On the global stage, Deluxe’s performances are nothing short of electric. Whether it’s the pulsating clubs of Europe or the expansive venues in the US, his presence is both magnetic and immersive. It’s not just about the auditory experience; it’s a communion of shared energy and passion with his audience.

With eyes set on Australia, anticipation builds for what promises to be another landmark in his touring journey. Yet, beyond the lights and accolades, at the core of Daniel Deluxe is an artist with an insatiable passion for sound, always pushing the envelope, always seeking the next sonic horizon.

20/4/2024 Amplifier Bar, Perth

24/4/2024 Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

25/4/2024 The Basement, Canberra

26/4/2024 The Zoo, Brisbane

27/4/2024 Howler, Melbourne

Tickets available from www.yourmatebookings.com

Presented by Your Mate Bookings, Fuzz Factory Touring and Daniel Deluxe