THRALL are back from the Dead!

“F#*k this, I’m going to THE BENDI”
As part of the revival of live local music scene in Melbourne, Your Mate Bookings is committed to once again giving you the best entertainment in the world surrounding everything heavy.
We return to our beloved Bendigo Hotel in Collingwood to support the re-emergence of live music for the monthly gathering of “F#*k this, I’m going to THE BENDI”
For the month of April, Melbournes’ Black Metal Fire Breathers “THRALL” make their return with a new line up to decimate the stage on Saturday 23/4 supported by Eskhaton, Burden Man (NSW) and MUNT.
With Thrall’s fourth album ‘Schisms’ soon to be released later this year, the groups ferocious inflamed expressions can be once again witnessed live in the flesh.
It will be the band’s most ambitious release to date featuring members of Gatecreeper, Extinct Exist, Förfalla, Slothferatu, Mar Mortuum, Myotragus, ex-Ruins, ex-Dead River Runs Dry.
Thrall have come to the vanguard of a new style of black metal that seamlessly melds doom, death metal and post rock elements with the genre.
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