Jack Harlon sign to YMB!

We’ve been working with the Psychedelic Blues Doom Rockers Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows for a while now but what a better way to introduce them with this brand spanking new photo of the droogs.
Jack Harlon have been slaying the Australian music scene up and down the east coast for a few years now (including an east coast OZ tour with Swedens Greenleaf) and have built quite a reputation for themselves amongst the cities with their larrikin performances blended with dynamic psychedelic guitar work like no other.
The post apocalyptic theme the group presents in the life of Jack Harlon Dawson the 3rd has only just begun, and as the band prepares for the follow up album get ready for a deeper delve into the world of dark blues and Jack Harlons vengeance on all that was taken from him!
We are all waiting for the next single guys, so get a move on!