Increased travel means increased ticket prices

Loyal punters of Your Mate Bookings, We need to speak to you about some changes that will come into effect as of midnight 28.07.2022.

Recently we have been booking quite a few tours for international bands which we know you have been excited about and we are as well – believe me.

However, in the last two years, the international airline companies have decided to change their policies in regards to baggage meaning we now need to book in double the check in baggage at double the cost. I’ve reached out for clarification from Qantas who obviously do not want to hear about the struggles of the music industry (I’m yet to get a response) and there is no way around these costs as we need to ensure the quality of the bands you love is not compromised in their live setting.

In saying this, the costs of any 3 – 5 piece band, ranges between $1,500 – $3,000aud per tour (and that is on top of the international and domestic flight costs).

This means the extra risk now involved in booking these tours, is up by 10% at a minimum.

Due to these increased costs, imposed by the airlines, we have no choice but to raise our presale ticket prices by $5 for every tour moving forward, effective at midnight today 28.07.2022.

This will also mean the door price increases as well.

We hope you understand the issues we now face and you can continue to support Your Mate Bookings and the bands we are bringing to Australia and New Zealand since 2017!

Thank you


Your Mate Bookings