Psych rocking genre benders “Hibiscus Biscuit” find their way back to “The Gong” to play LA LA LAs on Saturday January 16th 2021.
Since their debut album launch tour in March 2020, the boys have been eager to make their way back to the gong to the party once again. Their show at Diceys in March 2020 (back before the world was tipped on its head) was one of the greatest shows on their tour; with the whole venue jumping and dancing to the Psych vibes of the Biscuit.
Supporting the Katoomba Crew is Commodore Charlie and Basils Kite
The bands’ commitment to live entertainment and the revival of live music in Australia is a testament to the arts; and the bands and venues making it their absolute goal to lift the spirits of society deserve all the support we can give them at the moment.
Grab your tickets from www.yourmatebookings.com
Band links below:
Hibiscus Biscuit – https://youtu.be/sfHSZa5P-T0
Commodore Charlie – https://youtu.be/t9f0uaB321Y
Basils Kite – https://youtu.be/Yu5IGvi_dBk