GET IN THE VAN – YANOMAMO (No Sympathy for a Rat EP Launch)

Get in the Van with Yanomamo EP Launch “No Sympathy for a Rat”
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YOUR MATE Bookings and Iommium Records in conjunction with The Vanguard presents the EP launch of “No Sympathy for a Rat” by YANOMAMO.

As a part of the revival of the live music scene in sydney, we welcome YANOMAMO back to the stage and into The Vanguard for two sets of Riff-filled repugnance and groove-laden doom.

The latest offering by the Sydney based SLUDGE RIDDEN DOOM juggernauts “No Sympathy for a Rat”, is set for release on August 7th and the positive reviews are piling up from all over the globe.

“A brutal doom-filled half-hour record packed with raw, emotion-filled vocals and groove-driven riffs” has been mentioned by metal-roos along with “The four tracks drip with whiskey-soaked swagger and somehow blends the collective wisdom of Sabbath, Corrosion of Conformity, and Kylesa” by This Funktional and “Ya̧nomamö are back more bombastic and aggressive than ever with a new EP! Scotts vocal range have hit a new level, Jasons guitar riffs are punishing as they are groovier than ever, Wandrens bass is on point with the tonal sounds of classic rock and sludge in a blender and Jacks drums are progressively savage adding another layer of filth and complication to the world of SLUDGE RIDDEN DOOM! FFO BelzebonG Church of Misery Official Discharge” by Your Mate Bookings.

With hours of material from the many EPs, singles and their 2017 album since 2011; this sludge machine is ready to let loose on the masses once again in style, for two sets of relentless riff worship and aggression.

The COVID restrictions imposed by the government was very unsettling and caused a major dint in the music scene; however all involved being bookers, venues, bands and promoters will stop at nothing to repair this flourishing scene of talent, dedication and pure love for the arts of the world.

Yanomamo will play two sets; First: 6pm – 8.30pm & Second: 9.30pm – 12.00am

Expect lighting and cult movie projections from these riff punishers throughout the whole performance. It will be a truly thrilling evening to be remembered.

Due to the current restrictions, this will be a seated event (Maximum of 50 persons per session) however The Vanguard kitchen will be open with many mouth watering snacks.

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Listen to all of their material including “No Sympathy for a Rat” here

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