Your Mate Bookings in conjunction with The Vanguard and AMENRA Presents


“A Flood of Light” is an intimate look into the world of the Belgian post metal band AMENRA.

Amenra came into existence in 1999 as an offset of the Flemish hardcore scene and grew throughout the years to become a widely respected collective that is continuously pushing the envelope on what it means to be band.

Through uncommonly intense live shows, elaborate art work and fascinating collaborations with artists from a slew of disciplines, the band created a completely unique universe of their own, which reaches much further than just the musical side.

Photographer and videographer Bobby Cochran (°1972 California, USA) started following Amenra a few years ago on various tours of Europe, the United States, Australia and Asia. The result is an intimate portrait in which the band members and their closest collaborators reflect upon the past twenty years over stunning images and soul soothing music.

Directed by Bobby Cochran in 2019

Wednesday 16/9 The Vanguard, Newtown 6pm

Strictly limited tickets available from www.yourmatebookings and the venues