Mammons Throne hit the road this Spring 2022!

Melbourne Extreme Doom-Metal band Mammon’s Throne are setting off to blacken the skies and reap fresh souls in multiple Australian territories this September and October. 

They’ll be joined by a lethal dread-host of Doom, Black and Death metal cohorts for the following dates:

Adelaide – The Cranker – Sunday 04/09/2022
Oath of Damnation
Endless Loss
Bong Coffin

Brisbane – King Lear’s Throne – Saturday 24/09/2022
Malignant Aura
The Perineum Sun House Band

Beechworth – Tanswells Hotel – Saturday 01/10/2022
As Flesh Decays

Collingwood – Bendigo Hotel – Saturday 22/10/2022

With Denouncement Pyre, Carcinoid, Stargazer, Faceless Burial and More

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90’s Post Rock Collective JUNE OF 44 (USA) are finally back in Australia and New Zealand

For the first time in 24 years, 90’s Post-Rock collective JUNE OF 44 will grace the shores of Australia and New Zealand in March 2023.
Joining them on this stretch of long-awaited epic performances is Sydney’s Bleak Rock group ‘A Broken Sail’.
June of 44 band will play material from across their entire discography (1995 – 2020).
Originating in 1994 in Brooklyn, NYC, June of 44 recorded and travelled tirelessly for the first 5 years of their collaboration, then stopped for a long 18-year hiatus, and then started again in 2018 with their appearance at the Uzeda 30th anniversary celebration in Catania, Sicily.
Outside of North America, June of 44 has had the privilege of performing all over the planet in such places as Taiwan, Guatemala, Europe, and Australia.
June of 44 is Fred Erskine, Sean Meadows, Jeff Mueller and Doug Scharin.
This March 2023 tour will bring them back to Australia for their 2nd time, plus a first visit to both Japan and New Zealand, see the dates below:


🥊 Your Mate Bookings and Get On The Stage are proud to present the Australian and New Zealand leg for Legendary UK Punk Band Cockney Rejects on their farewell tour in February 2023!

👇 Catch their authentic brand of OI! on the dates below:

💥 TUES 31/1 Badlands Bar Perth

💥 WED 1/2 Woolly Mammoth Mane Stage Brisbane

💥 THURS 2/2 Marrickville Bowling Club Marrickville

💥 FRI 3/2 Bendigo Hotel Collingwood

💥 SAT 4/2 Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood

💥 MON 6/2 The Mothership, Auckland NZ

💥 TUES 7/2 San Fran Wellington NZ

💥 WED 8/2 12 Bar Christchurch NZ

👉 VIP and GA tickets available from now

Increased travel means increased ticket prices

Loyal punters of Your Mate Bookings, We need to speak to you about some changes that will come into effect as of midnight 28.07.2022.

Recently we have been booking quite a few tours for international bands which we know you have been excited about and we are as well – believe me.

However, in the last two years, the international airline companies have decided to change their policies in regards to baggage meaning we now need to book in double the check in baggage at double the cost. I’ve reached out for clarification from Qantas who obviously do not want to hear about the struggles of the music industry (I’m yet to get a response) and there is no way around these costs as we need to ensure the quality of the bands you love is not compromised in their live setting.

In saying this, the costs of any 3 – 5 piece band, ranges between $1,500 – $3,000aud per tour (and that is on top of the international and domestic flight costs).

This means the extra risk now involved in booking these tours, is up by 10% at a minimum.

Due to these increased costs, imposed by the airlines, we have no choice but to raise our presale ticket prices by $5 for every tour moving forward, effective at midnight today 28.07.2022.

This will also mean the door price increases as well.

We hope you understand the issues we now face and you can continue to support Your Mate Bookings and the bands we are bringing to Australia and New Zealand since 2017!

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Your Mate Bookings

SASQUATCH RETURN TO AUS & NZ with a new album “Fever Fantasy”

🤘 Californian Stoner Rock Legends Sasquatch will make their way back over to Australia and will finally make their debut in New Zealand
with support from Pieces Of Molly this September to celebrate the release of their latest album “Fever Fantasy”.

⚡ 1/9 Thursday – Vinnies Dive Southport
⚡ 2/9 Friday – King Lear’s Throne Brisbane
⚡ 3/9 Saturday – The Vanguard Newtown
⚡ 4/9 Sunday – The Baroque Room Katoomba
⚡ 7/9 Wednesday – La La La’s Wollongong
⚡ 8/9 Thursday – The Basement Canberra Canberra
⚡ 9/9 Friday – Singing Bird Studios Frankston
⚡ 10/9 Saturday – Bendigo Hotel Collingwood
⚡ 11/9 Sunday – Enigma Bar Adelaide
⚡ 15/9 Thursday – Whammy Bar Auckland
⚡ 16/9 Friday – Valhalla Wellington
⚡ 17/9 Saturday – 12 Bar Christchurch

👉 Tickets Available here:

SKELETAL REMAINS (USA) make their debut in Australia and New Zealand this November 2022

💀 TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT – Skeletal Remains 💀

🤘 Californian Death Metal Aggressors Skeletal Remains are set to tour Australia and New Zealand for the first time ever this November 2022!
👹 The Gore Obsessed nod to the “Old School” Death Metallers will take their chainsaws on the road and hit the following cities; Bunbury, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Katoomba, Sydney, Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.

🪓 Witness the Violence:
⚡ 10/11 Thursday – Woolly Mammoth Mane Stage Brisbane
⚡ 11/11 Friday – Baroque Room Katoomba
⚡ 12/11 Saturday – BRUTEFEST at Crowbar, Sydney
⚡ 13/11 Sunday – The Basement, Canberra
⚡ 17/11 Thursday – The Prince Of Wales Hotel Bunbury
⚡ 18/11 Friday – Badlands Bar Perth
⚡ 19/11 Saturday – TBA, Adelaide
⚡ 21/11 Monday – Whammy Bar Auckland
⚡ 22/11 Tuesday – Valhalla Wellington
⚡ 23/11 Wednesday –12 Bar Christchurch
⚡ 25/11 Friday – Bendigo Hotel Melbourne (18+)
⚡ 26/11 Saturday – KILLFEST, Kilmore
⚡ 27/11 Sunday – Bendigo Hotel Melbourne (All Ages)

👉 Early Bird Tickets available now until the end of May from

XIBALBA (USA) Return to Australia in August 2022

👹 US Hardcore Titans Xibalba return this August 2022 for a stretch of terrifying shows along the east coast of Australia.

🤘 Joined by Honest Crooks (AUS) and Saving Grace (NZ); the heavy weights of hardcore tinged death metal will bring their reign of terror to the following cities on the dates below:

⚡️ 18/8 Woolly Mammoth Brisbane

⚡️ 19/8 La La La’s Wollongong

⚡️ 20/8 Crowbar Sydney Sydney

⚡️ 21/8 The Basement Canberra Canberra

⚡️ 25/8 The Eastern Ballarat

⚡️ 26/8 Singing Bird Studios Frankston

⚡️ 27/8 Bendigo Hotel Melbourne (18+)

⚡️ 28/8 Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne (AA)

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NZ Speed Metal Overlords ‘STALKER’ return to AUSTRALIA in JUNE 2022

New Zealand’s speed metal overlords STÄLKER are returning to Australia for a two week east coast tour to give you another lesson in raw and in-your-face heavy metal, breathing the spirit and danger or the glorious 80s.

The NZ heavy metal heroes will be hitting Australian soil for the third time, destroying Newcastle, Katoomba, Sydney, Frankston, Ballarat, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Following 2019’s globally critically acclaimed Powermad EP, the band’s impatiently awaited second full-length album, Black Majik Terror, was released on October 30, 2020 via Napalm Records.

Coinciding with the announcement and the pre-order of the album, STÄLKER also released the first single off Black Majik Terror, “Of Steel And Fire”. A track that immediately calls to mind epic anthems of tried and true heavy metal like Judas Priest’s “Painkiller” but swiftly forges on its own path of blistering speed and precision that serves as an indicator of what is to come on Black Majik Terror. It becomes readily apparent that STÄLKER have not lost any of their magic and quickly discard the chains of the dreaded sophomore slump.

Commented the band: “Time to unshackle the first cut “Of Steel And Fire” from our new album, Black Majik Terror….

The album takes you through a near future hellscape where unseen evil entities have invaded this reality through human folly… prepare to die… tonight!!!”

Daif: Vocals + Bass
Chris: Guitars
Nick: Drums


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The Vanguard and YOUR MATE Bookings Presents FEAST OF ROCK

The venues are open, the food is cooking, the beers are flowing and the amps are warm – ready to kick you in to gear for a “FEAST OF ROCK”.

On Sat March 26th we have a line up of Rock from all edges including Stoner, Grunge, Post Punk, Industrial and Progressive.
Joining us at The Vanguard in Newtown is a line up of local rockers including Robot God, Maple Moths, Kontrasto, Wicked Sisters and Celestial Oath (From Katoomba).

Get down early for the feast from 7pm!

Tickets here

Review: Ecstatic Vision – Elusive Mojo

Artist: Ecstatic Vision
Album: Elusive Mojo
Year: 2022
Its been a while since I saw the very comical mind bending “Shut Up and Drive” clip (You know the one where they have Wilfred the Dog in the bus and they get evicted) from their previous release “For the Masses”; well their new ‘Elusive Mojo’ album is a banger from start to finish. With so much appreciation for the craft of the Philidelphian four, in the realm of Psych, they’ve definitely captured an array of other genres whilst keeping it filthy and original.
“Times Up” sounds like a fuzzed and sped up ‘Kinks’ track on whatever banned substance the crew could get their hands on to deliver you a supersonic dart of LSD to the brain to take you through the void of this sterile and authoritarian reality into a meta-physical realm of infinite visions and theories from the individuals influence of the collective dimensions.
“The Kenzo Shake” guitar riffs and solos reminds me a filthy rock disco, and the rumbling bass gives way to the soothing vocal of Doug while he commands the punters to live free and think outside the box of a scared “Safe” reality they have been made to live as consumers of this pathetic beast we call capitalism (But really It’s beyond the freedom of capitalism – It’s actually Cartelism). The sneaky keys at the end of the track made a sleazy appearance, reminiscent of ‘The Doors’ – well why not, really.
“Venom” commences with a calm moment before Dougs occultic impression is matched with phased electronics before the organic tribal drums come in and the cry baby is pulled out to enhance the senses of what our mind can comprehend in the current dimension of a forced pattern of twenty hours and seven days a week – Life cannot possibly be this cruel, right?
The Psychedelic Maniacs complete their album with the “Deathwish 1970” which is a deep bow to the ultimate Space Rockers “Hawkwind. With the Saxophone blaring, Doug Screaming “I’ve got a Deathwish”, the guitar swirling, the drums thumping and the bass bouncing; you’re in for one hell of a ride after taking a few gram and chucking this bombastic album on – for the first of the last time (What is Reality?)
Lets Trip, I love this album dudes!
For fans of Hawkwind, The Doors & The Stooges