NUMIDIA – Under YOUR MATE Management

We’d like to officially announce that YOUR MATE Bookings has taken on the management duties for Sydney based Psychedelic Progressive Rockers Numidia

Forming in 2018, the group blends Middle Eastern Psych with African blues and American folk rock creating a progressive evolution of music they call Numidia

The band has a long history of musical releases and live perfomances across genres in the many bands they have been apart of including Rituals of the OakTranscending Mortality and Avarin

Their ability to transform and create with such class using the music from cultures across the globe has placed the group as a support act for Wo FatNaxatrasThe Ocean Collective and recently a full Australian tour with pioneering desert rockers Yawning Man (Official)

If you are a fan of Pink Floyd, Tinariwen, The Allman Brothers and All Them Witches; this is the band for you!

COMACOZER have signed to YOUR MATE

We would like to announce our latest management signing Comacozer!
Sydney Psychedelic Space Rockers “Comacozer” have been hypnotising the Australian Live Scene for 5 years and recently completed a SOLD OUT Australian tour with their Greek brothers Naxatras
Along with this tour, the band has spent time on stage with Wo Fat, Yawning Man (Official) Stonefield Corrosion Of Conformity Radio Moscow ROLLERBALL Monolord and UFOMAMMUT
Their sound immediately captured overseas audiences since inception years ago, which saw all 4 albums sell out within months of their release via HeadSpin Records along with a sold out split with BLOWN OUT (Mike Vest) via Riot Season
Comacozer compose rare psychedelia which places the mind in a meditative state and takes the soul to another world without physical objects but an unlimited ability in imagination.
With tour demands from all over Europe, New Zealand and plans for Japan; Comacozer have a big future ahead and we are working with promoters and agents all over to make this happen when the time is right.
The bands attitude, positive nature and strong support for the Australian Music Scene is a testament to their success and we are very excited to be taking the boys to the next level of their career.


Well fellas – we promised you didn’t we? Nebula are still coming to Australia – but you’ll have to wait until next year when we are past this coronavirus catastrophe. That being said – the desert rock legends bring a helluva live show – you don’t want to miss this!
On top of that New Zealand’s stoner rock powerhouse Pieces Of Molly will be joining them on all dates!
If you have already bought tickets for this tour your tickets are STILL valid! While refunds are available, by not asking for a refund you help us to keep making events like these happen. After all – you won’t miss money you’ve already spent!
Point being – the desert rock gods are going to leave an indelible mark on our eardrums next year when they make it down – will you be there to welcome them?
Check out the dates:

4/3 Thursday – The Foundry, Fortitude Valley

5/3 Friday – Vinnies Dive Bar, Gold Coast

6/3 Saturday – Hibbard Sports Club, Port Macquarie

7/3 Sunday – The Landsdowne, Sydney

10/3 Wednesday – La La Las, Wollongong

11/3 Thursday – Transit Bar, Canberra

12/3 Friday – Evelyn Hotel, Fitzroy

13/3 Saturday – Atomic Ritual Feat Nebula (USA) at Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood

14/3 Sunday – Smoke Signals Feat Nebula (USA) Adelaide at Enigma Bar, Adelaide

17/3 Wednesday – Whammy Bar, Auckland

18/3 Thursday – Valhalla, Wellington

19/3 Friday – Club Tavern, Christchurch
Grab your tickets here:


TALBOT, the heaviest Stoner Doom Duo on earth is set to tour Australia in July/August 2020.

The Estonian based riff crushers have been pummeling audiences since 2008 with their Noisy Atmospheric Psychedelia, winning several awards with “Scaled” and “Magnetism” earning Best Metal Albums of 2013 and 2018 respectively. (Meanwhile 2010’s lauded “EOS” received a nomination in 2010). The duo are no strangers to Australia though and are very much remembered after they belted our heads in 2010 on their east coast tour. Blending Industrial Sludge, Post Metal, Doom and Stoner metal together, this duo crafts music of gargantuan and epic proportions giving us exactly what we didn’t expect from Tallin, Estonia.

 Reviews of recent releases:

“The vocals have a different perspective from what you would normally hear from the Doom/Sludge Metal scene. However there aren’t many bands around like Talbot and that is a very good thing. As Talbot have their own sound and identity within the scene.

Overall, Magnetism is a gloriously heavy and exciting album that has a lot to say and is worth many repeated listens. Excellent and Highly Recommended.” (Steve Howe/Outlaws of the Sun)

“Talbot can now be considered true pioneers of the Sludge/Post-Metal genre. Talbot are now a force to be reckoned with in the realm of extreme music. Scaled is a brilliant album and one that will be called a classic in the years to come.” (The Sludgelord)

 “All six tracks on Scaled offer excellent listening and varying dynamics and I can’t recommend it enough. I expect to hear a lot more from the doom duo and if you’re into something a bit different don’t hesitate.” (Phil Johnston / Echoes and Dust)

Catch the Duo on tour in July and August at the following shows:

Friday 31/7 Singing Bird Studios, Frankston

Saturday 1/8 Stay Gold, Brunswick

Sunday 2/8 Barwon Club, Geelong

Wednesday 5/8 La La Las, Wollongong

Thursday 6/8 Transit Bar, Canberra

Friday 7/8 TBA, Katoomba

Saturday 8/8 The Vanguard, Newtown

Sunday 9/8 Hamilton Station Hotel, Newcastle

Tickets available from and

Please direct press enquiries at Anthony from YOUR MATE Bookings –

Under YMB Management DROID

😎 YOUR MATE Bookings is proud to announce we have taken on management duties for Melbourne based Stoner Doom group DROID.

🦒 For the last six months, these Melbourne Rifflords have been punishing crowds across Victoria and only recently completed their first ever and very successful East Coast Australian tour.

🤘 The band were received with open arms interstate including QLD, NSW, SA and TAS; as crowds flocked to their landstrider riding riffery, amp appreciation and guitar worship.

👉 Selling out of LPs and other items across the board before and on tour, is proof that this monolith of sound is ready for the world of Doom Metal and Stoner Rock.

🙏 We are honored to guide these true gentlemen of Rock to new levels ‘Doom’ in Australia and the world has never seen.

Bookings and management enquires via

NOVEMBERS DOOM TOUR JULY 2020 – Cancelled until further notice

Novembers Doom‘s tour has been unfortunately postponed until further notice due to concerns about the coronavirus among other unforeseen circumstances.

We are trying our hardest to rebook these dates in the near future! Inquire about refunds at your point of purchase – we are doing our best with our partners to help get refunds to those who would like them.

US Death Doom Legends “Novembers Doom” make their debut down under!

US Death-Doom Legends Novembers Doom are finally storming down to Australia and New Zealand in July 2020.

Novembers Doom are one of the foundational American Death-Doom bands and since their inception in 1989 the group have released 11 albums.

The band has been on quite a journey since their inception in 1989 when they began as a Death-Thrash band, eventually mutating into a more traditional Death-Doom sound and now morphing that into a more mellow and dynamic approach that touches on progressive metal – an approach they have described as Dark Metal.

Critical acclaim around their latest release “Nephilim Grove” sees the band at the top of the Death-Doom pack for many listeners and reviewers from around the world.

The Dark Metal masters will be joined by Australian/Japanese Progressive Doom Metallers Enough to Escape, suffice it to say – doom metallers across the Antipodes in for one hell of a show.

With Yukito ‘Zaki’ Okazaki of Eternal Elysium based in Japan and the rest of the Enough To Escape guys in Sydney the groups live shows are, as you can imagine, quite exclusive; their set is a punishing display of riff mastery and sonic misery that calls forth strains of Industrial Metal, Post Metal and Doom.

With their debut, Fortunes, out already, that sold out across Japan following their Japanese tour in 2019, Australian fans are hungry for the long-awaited tour ahead.

Recent Reviews of Novembers Doom “Nephilim Grove”:

At no point does any musician in the band gain such an ego that other instruments are crowded out of the mix, and at no point is the overall direction of a track obscured by showboating. Novembers Doom is a well-oiled machine that has a foundational understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses, which they have proceeded to weaponize into a refined and unbreakable work of art.

Samantha Buckman – Sonic Perspectives

With “Nephilim Grove,Novembers Doom has joined the small ranks of bands who have never put out a bad album.  It is an album that is an ode to the band’s past, a sterling example of their present, a look at their still bright future. I have reviewed dozens and dozens of albums this year and I can say with utmost confidence that “Nephilim Grove,” is a strong contender for my album of the year as 2019 winds down to a close.

Justin “Witty City” Wittenmeier – Metal Temple

For all media enquiries please contact Anthony on

Armageddoom is BACK! Featuring Stoned Jesus and Somali Yacht Club (UKR)

The sixth installment of Armageddoom will be held on Saturday May 23rd at Civic Hotel in Inglewood, WA.

We will be bringing the Ukranian Doom Down Under with Progressive Stoner Doom Trio “Stoned Jesus” and Psychedelic Post Rockers Somali Yacht Club headlining this years showcase of some of the best Stoner, Doom, Psych and Blues, Australia has to offer.

Victorian Stoner Doom Metal group DROID, will head across to play the festival alongside Apollo80, Giant Dwarf and Mage.

Fuzz Factory Touring will bring their rig of Lighting goodies and give you a Black Lights & Neon Nights show like you have never seen!

Proudly Presented by Fuzz Factory Touring and Your Mate Bookings

Hibiscus Biscuit Album Launch Tour 2020

 a long year of recordings, shows and debaucherous behaviour, Sydney 
psychedelic quartet Hibiscus Biscuit are gearing up for their debut 
album  release: 'Reflection of Mine'.
 Biscuit’s brand of psychedelic rock cavorts about between driving 
syncopated breakdowns, Melancholic lullabies and tight upbeat groove 
sections. Coupled with an immersive live experience headed by frontman 
Ricardo Moreira, their music is most likely to induce tears of joy from 
your third eye. Hailing from Portugal, Australia and Canada, members 
Ricardo, Sy, Jason and Aidan can usually be found lurking in back alleys
 after their shows.
A few years after the bands chance conception in Newtown’s Camperdown Park, 'Reflection  of Mine' was conceived in the band's new home studio in the Blue  Mountains. Cue a depraved 6 months avoiding the sunlight, and they  emerge with their debut record and a brand new caffeine addiction.  Featuring mixing by Liam Judson and mastering by Nick Franklin, their  debut is a swirling blend of psychedelia that travels  between frenetic  breakdowns and tight upbeat grooves.  
Now  signed to Sound Effect Records for vinyl distribution and with a  premier lined up on Stoned Meadow of Doom, the album is set to be  released March 1st. 
Catch them on the dates below:

7/3 Diceys, Wollongong NSW
13/3 Greaser, Fortitude Valley QLD
14/3 Vinnies Dive Bar, Southport QLD
21/3 The B.east, Brunswick VIC
3/4 Waywards, Newtown NSW
11/4 The Junction, Katoomba